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General Survey into Phone Quality: Bird Once Again Ranking No. 1 among Domestic Phones
Time: 2006-11-9 From:chinabird.com Read: 15196

The first "National Consumption Product Quality Rights Protection Survey" of the Chinese Quality Campaign has been completed in Beijing recently, and the much-concerned result was released with Bird winning the title of "Most Reliable Brand for Phone Quality".  Bird set up the example of good quality in the domestic phone industry.

With the never-ceasing development of society, mobile phone has become an indispensable means of communication in everyday life. On the one hand, people rely more and more on phone products; on the other hand, they set higher and higher standard for phone quality, and thus consumers' recognition largely determines the life of a phone brand.

Authorities of the industry witnessed the difficulties and hardships that Chinese phone enterprises have gone through during their development from the very beginning. What with the late start, lack of independent kernel technology and the flooding of illegal phones, domestic phones have long been harassed by quality problem. However, the recent years has seen Bird lead domestic phone enterprises in persistent learning and researching and make great achievements in product R&D technology and quality control. Bird phone shows equal or even superior quality before some international brands.

At the recently press conference for quality competitiveness index of national manufacture industry, Li Changjiang, director of General Administration of Quality SupervisionúČInspection and Quarantine of China pointed out, since the implementation of the strategy "winning by good quality", China has conducted quality supervision and inspection at the first stage of manufacturing, intensified supervision on product quality, strived to solidify the fundamental work to guarantee quality, vigorously promoted famous Chinese brands, perfected mechanisms of national exemption of inspection of products, of geographic symbol protection, and exemption of inspection for exports. All these measures contributed to the general improvement of product quality. By sticking to the "winning by good quality" strategy, Bird phone has achieved remarkable success, and won the consumers' reliance as No.1 in domestic phone quality in the "National Consumption Product Quality Rights Protection Survey".

Experts comment that in order to obtain sustainable rapid development in the fierce market competition, domestic phone enterprises have to build up the kernel competitiveness based on reliable quality, and only by this can they overcome the difficulties imposed by international phone giants and illegal phones, and embark on the track of orderly and steady development.