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China Phone Quality Rights Protection Survey Recognizes Bird and Nokia as Domestic and International Best Quality Brands
Time: 2006-11-15 From:chinabird.com Read: 15637
According to the survey on phone quality right protection released by China Association of Quality Promotion (CAQP) recently, Bird and Nokia are the best quality domestic brand and international brand, respectively.
As informed, this nationwide survey conducted at the 10th anniversary upon promulgation of China Quality Renaissance Program, covers mobile phone, automobile and home appliance. Reliability and stability are two major aspects of quality evaluation, which includes indicators, such as signal intensity, voice, durability, pressure resistance and life extension. Phones mostly recognized by the public are entitled to "Most Reliable Quality Phone" title.
As the largest domestic and international phone producers, Bird and Nokia demonstrate the greatest strength. CAQP commented, "Nokia and Bird are two most reliable quality brands. Unlike home appliance, mobile phone industry has less brand effect. We are pleased to see some other Chinese phone brands are also recognized by consumers. Domestic phone quality pioneered by Bird is at a high level, in parallel to foreign brands. They have lived through the initial period of simply copying and OEM. Bird is the best illustration." Strong sense of quality and strict control of design, raw material, production and test are key to their success.
Bird is upgrading the overall quality control system to compliance with international standards since 2002. So far, Bird phone has passed certification of three major European operators-- Vodafone, Orange and Bouygues Telecom and become their qualified supplier. Bird is also the first domestic brand that passes EU RoHS/WEEE directives last July. Non-lead production process enables Bird's entry into EU market