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Major Chinese Media Report Bird's Winning of "Phone Quality Most Reliable Brand"Title
Time: 2006-12-6 From:chinabird.com Read: 15255
"Bird and Nokia prove the most reliable brands for consumers, their phone quality ranking No.1 domestically and internationally." Immediately after the release of the latest phone quality right protection survey by the Committee of Ten-Thousand-Meter-Tour for Quality Promotion, news coverage of Bird's success was made extensively by famous national media like China Economic Times, The Economic Daily, China Business Times, China Electronics News and People's Daily, by media of industrial authority like China Telecom World, Communications Weekly, and China Electronics News, and by influential local newspapers like Beijing Morning Post, Yangcheng Evening News, Nanfang City News, Chutian Metro Daily, Hubei Daily, Sanqing Metro Daily, China Merchant Newspaper, Tianjin Daily, and Yanzhao Metropolis News. Apart from factual reporting, the media also went into insightful analysis of Bird's quality strategy as manifested in the processes of research and development, raw material purchase, production and service. It is the construction and perfection of an all-process quality management system that wins Bird consumers' trust and a reputation comparable to Nokia.